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Thank you to everyone who took the time to take the survey about discussing drugs. While my research is centered around the exploration of the legality and ethics of, I wanted to also get a sense of how a random sampling (random in personality, age, gender, and hopefully political orientation) thought about drugs in general. What sort of feelings surround drugs and discussion about them, as that is really what is. I have now since created a follow-up survey that inquires about the usage of Click here to take the survey if you have visited and would be willing to share your feelings and experiences with the site. To visit again or for the first time, click on the banner below. All information provided will remain anonymous.

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Research Update

My preliminary findings have shown that the site is simply a thorough guide through the complex, and often misunderstood, world of psychoactive drugs. The user community has been proven difficult to contact as the names of contributors are mere usernames to provide privacy and there are not email addresses linked to them. The behind-the-scenes crew of the site, however, was extremely responsive when I contacted them, and my work is beginning to shift towards the community of the people who work on the site instead of those who use it.

The members of the crew come from various backgrounds and countries from around the world. It is apparent through many of their mini bios that they care about the mission of the website, and each of them provides a personal passion and vision to the upkeep of erowid. I hope to gather and publish more information about them soon!

Don’t have time to take the survey? Share your thoughts about below!